Our clubs

Zurich Switzerland

HOSTESS 100chf/day for first 2 weeks, then 80chf/day
opening hours 21:00-4:00 in the week , Friday and Saturday until 5:00 , Sundays closed
comissions from private dances : 40chf , 2 songs in separee, no touch , full strip
comissions from consummation:
from average 400 chf champagne turnover per working day you get 5%
from average 600 chf champagne turnover per working day you get 10%
from average 800 chf champagne turnover per working day you get 15%
the comissions are counted on base of totality of turnover devided by number of working days
prices of the bottles:
0.75L : 350-3000chf
1.5L 990-2400chf
3L 1900-5900chf
dress code: elegant, evening dress
accomodation free , upstairs , bed linnen, wardrobe, chair, table, wifi, tv, shered: kitchen, bathroom, laundry
club located in city centre
from Zurich airport the girls shouls get to Zurich Main Station by train / taxi about 10 minutes , then from Main Station 5 minutes on foot


fix salary : 50€
opening hours: 17.00-1.00 Monday-Thursday , 19.00-3.00 Friday-Sunday
comission from consumation: 20% , prices of bottles 300-5000€ , glass of champagne 30€ , piccolo 60€
day off 1 time per week
nr of girls:4
salary is paid 1 time per week ( on Thursday)
accomodation free


fix salary 25€
Opening hours 21.00-5.00
Stressfree and family atmosphere
Germany's oldest Bar since 1954! 75 km westside from Munich!
provision from consumation
40% from consumation
lady cocktail 25€ , piccolo 25€, champagner 50€, bottles: 100€,150€,250€, 395€,495€,695€,1495€
Accomodation in house/ 50€ per week!
Every room with refrigarator!
Washmashine + Microwave
WIFI/Internet for free!
Absolut legal work with german contract and health insurance!
No any kind of Sex service allowed!


fix salary: 20€
opening hours: 21.30-5.00 from Tuesday to Saturday
provision from consumation: 20%, girl gets: 40, 50 and 120€ from one bottle
length of stay: min 1 month
dress code: sexy short outfits
the job is legal, with insurance
salary paid every Saturday
requirements: passport EU , min 18 years old, pleasant appearance, good English
transport from/to airport is provided by the club
accomodation: free , with wifi .. Rooms are for 1-2 girls. Dancers have to maintain the accomodation clean, they need to bring their own bed linen . Girls travel to the club and back by metro (ticket 2,20€)


fix salary 20€
opening hours: 22.00-5.00 . CLub is open every day , you can have 1 day off in the week
provision from consumation: 30%
prices: cocktail 35€ , Piccolo 60€, Espumante 260€, Champagne 390-1700€
provision from private dance: 50%
prices: 40€ 5min, 70€ 10min
salary is paid every day, comission every week
accomodation 60€ per week